The State of New Jersey owns several pieces of apparatus, including the Ernie Day collection. More information on that collection will be published at a later date.

Watch our fundraising video:

The following video shows a 1907 Waterous operating. There is a Waterous in the state's collection.

1951 Ward La France - this truck served Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital.


The lettering on the truck is "The Center for Geriatrics Glen Gardner". After we took possession, it was initially sitting in the Nottingham fire house next to some much younger relatives (firefighters are all brothers and so are fire trucks). On the first day of work on the truck the carburetor was carefully degunked and the engine started up right away. It ran well, and after an oil change and a tune up should be ready to go. The brake master cylinder was removed and got a thorough cleaning before proceeding with work on the brake system. New front tires have been located but we haven't been able to find rear tires. The Ward is beautiful and we can't wait to show it off to the world (or at least to New Jersey - the best part of the world).

The following video shows the truck running! It was in a Memorial Day parade, and this video was taken afterwards, as the truck is heading back into the firehouse.
(I apologize for the monster movie effects, I had to walk around the corner of the building while I was recording.)

If you would like to help out with the ongoing maintenance costs, or help bring one of our trucks back to life with a contribution, please go to the Donate Now page to make a tax-deductible donation.


The non-profit owns several pieces of apparatus:

1960 Mack C model pumper that originaly served Somerville. Thanks to Mr. Richmond Shreve of Cape May Point, this apparatus was greatly cared for and generously donated to the fire museum.


The non-profit owns several other pieces of apparatus, and more information will be published on them at a later date.

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