We plan to hold work details on the first Saturday of every month.
See the Events page for details.

If you have any items to donate for our office, check this page. We will try to update the list as often as we can. Contact us to be sure we still need the items.

Items we can still use (as of Aug 9):

Pegboard - we have a lot of hooks, but need any size pegboard to hold small tools.
A set of aluminum ladders for a CF Mack.
Cash box - with slots to hold bills.
Emergency exit lights with batteries.
New vacuum cleaner, and the filter bags for it.
Handles for push brooms - we've received a few broom heads.
Gift cards / certificates for: Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, auto part stores.
Computer or laptop with Windows 7 or newer operating system, for viewing DVDs.
Flat-bed computer scanner - for legal size or larger papers - we have letter size.

You can make a monetary donation online, right now, to help us purchase items that are not donated. Click on the 'Donate Now' link in the menu to get started.

Items we already have: book cases, display cases, wall units, desks, office chairs, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pots, cups, plates, plasticware, computer, printer, paper shredder, 3-hole punch, paper cutter, laminator, clipboards, various small supplies, manilla folders, stacks of inboxes, file cabinets, supply cabinets, hanging folders, 3-ring binders, and desk organizers.
We have folding chairs and a rack with wheels to store them.
We have shelving and pallet racks for the storage building.

Thank You!


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