Planned memorial

The New Jersey Fallen Firefighters Memorial will honor firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The memorial will be located on the grounds of the NJ Fire Museum. The project is still in the fundraising phase of construction.

Opening date depends on our fund-raising success.

Primary Design Features: The primary design features include the surrounding wall, sculptured panels, Honor Roll of Fallen Firefighters, centerpiece sculpture and plaza of personalized granite pavers.

The surrounding circular wall will be faced in granite and divided into four equal sections with openings at each point of the compass.

Centered on each section of the wall will be engraved panels depicting the past, present and future of firefighting. Flanking these engraved panels will be a series of granite panels with the Honor Roll of Fallen Firefighters, presenting their names and hometowns in chronological order of loss.

The centerpiece of the memorial will be a bronze sculpture.

The plaza will be covered with personalized granite pavers.
Memorial pavers are a lasting personal tribute to your family, friends, and loved ones, and will remain a permanent part of the memorial’s history for future generations to honor.

Want to help? There are many ways to lend a hand, such as becoming a dues paying member of the museum or personalizing a memorial paver.

You can join the project Volunteer or Memorial Committees, promote Memberships and Paver sales in your community, and participate in our fund-raising events.

To join the Volunteer Committee, visit the Members page of the Museum site where you will find an application form. Or, use the Contact Us page to request information on joining the Memorial Committee.



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